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Server Status Checker

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About Server Status Checker

Server Status Checker - 100% Free Server Status Checker


Server Status Checker: Check the status of your favorite website. Simply enter the URL in the below HTTP, HTTPS Server Status Checker Tool and Test Tool will perform a test on the URL in real time using our online HTTP Status Code Checker.

What is a Server Status Checker?

Server Status Checker tool is the best and most free SEO tool that allows you to check the popularity of the internet site, whether it's miles offline or online and additionally check if the internet site is down only for you or everyone around the world.

If your website gets down due to any of the errors mentioned above, then you have to resolve it together with your website hosting service provider.

  • 200 Status Code: OK is sweet. This means that your server was ready to return content for the URL you requested.
  • 301 Status Code: Moved Permanently means that the requested URL has been moved permanently and each further inquiry should be directed to the new location.
  • 302 Status Code: Found means that the server has received an ephemeral redirect. This URL should be used again later as it is only temporary.
  • 307 Status Code: Temporary Redirection is similar to 302 as it is a short-lived redirect and hence the same URL should be reused for a later time.
  • 400 Status Code: Bad Request simply means that the server did not understand what you are trying to find.
  • 401 Status Code: Unauthorized means that your server will not provide access to the content without authorization
  • 403 Status Code: Forbidden means that the server will not show you the content, no matter what is the authentication.
  • 404 Status Code: Not Found can be a common, frustrating error, and might just be what you're looking for with this server status tool. This error code allows you to know that the file you were trying to find could not be found.
  • 410 Status Code: Gone is the same as 404. This allows you to know that the URL you were trying to find existed but is gone.
  • 500 Status Code: Internal Server Error is another frustration that has to be directed to your web host or supervisor.

From the error code returned on a URL, you'll be ready to identify the reason why it's up or down. This handy tool is a must-have tool for all SEOs and webmasters looking to find problems on websites. By using this you as an SEO or webmaster can understand what is the reason for your website going down, and you will fix it.

About Server Status Checker.

Our HTTP Server Status Code Testing Tool helps you check whether an internet site status is offline or online. Every time your browser requests an internet site, status codes are returned, when something goes wrong your browser sends your browser a message like "Nothing to do with error codes like 404".As a webmaster or SEO, you must regularly check the server status of your websites. Server Status Checker is free and accessible on SEOBAR SEO TOOLs, run a free trial for single or bulk URLs.

Paste up to 100 URLs into the test tool. If you want to see HTTP status codes that your browser would not normally show you, the test tool will display the HTTP status code of every single website during a separate line, each server status code. has a different meaning.

How to use Server Status Checker?

This easy and efficient server status checker tool allows you to view the server status of unlimited websites. The server status of a specific site lets the webmaster understand whether an internet site is working properly or not, read the instruction below to use this test tool,

  • STEP #1: on this page is it (, where are you now, Enter one URL per line in the displayed text area.
  • STEP #2: Once you have entered the URL which can only be one or any number up to a hundred. Click on the 'Submit' button.

The test will run and display the result. Possible status codes will be displayed against each name you enter. Check your website status daily using Server Status Checker and take immediate action whenever your website is down.

Why do we need a Server Status Checker Tool?

As your website grows, it becomes necessary that you are involved in every aspect of its operation to check the status of your website. If you neglect to look at certain aspects of your website that generate the most important income, such as your hosting server and network performance, they will fail unexpectedly.

Constantly monitoring the status of the server can provide several benefits:

  • Testing tools are often used to monitor server status, detect any errors at startup, and prevent small problems from becoming major ones.
  • Continuous monitoring of your server Enhanced security. Installing critical updates significantly reduces the chances of malware and spam

What are the Advantages of the Server Status Checker Tool?

If you are an Internet site owner otherwise you a developer, it is important for you to understand HTTP status codes. When these HTTP status codes appear. HTTP status codes are valuable information for webmasters to timely fix website configuration errors. If you own and manage one or more websites, you may want to check the server status of your sites from time to time. Otherwise, you may also be an online user and face some problems in connecting to your favorite websites. During this case, you will also check the status of those websites using any of the free status code checker utilities.

While crawling the program, bots read the HTTP status code and act according to whether the pages on your website should be indexed within the program.

100 - 200 HTTP status codes indicate that everything is working fine on your website. 400 response codes and 500 response codes can prevent program bots from crawling and indexing important pages on your website and can signal to search engines that your site is not a high-quality site, as a result, lowering your website rank.