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Page Authority Checker

This is a ”Page Authority Checker” Tool by SEOBAR. Check free page authority automatically. To use this “Page Authority Checker” Tool. Copy your content and paste it into the text box then click on the “Submit” button. 

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About Page Authority Checker

Page Authority Checker - 100% Free Moz PA checker Tool

Page Authority Checker helps you to check the Page Authority score of a website. This gives you an idea of how well a website can perform on Google. Page Authority Checker tool.

Thinking about what a Page Authority Checker is? Well, it is a tool to calculate important website ranking and rating factors for just one URL of your website or in other words just one visit.


Page Authority checker - You must be believing the same. Most website owners ask this question to know the ideal number, there is no exact number for PA.

It depends on the good request, in some specific requests a PA 30 may be enough to rank at the top of Google, and in some competitive places, a score of PA 50 may be lower.

But there is an exercise by following which you can know the Diaz PA score at any place. Make and analyze a list of your first-page competitor's websites and check their page authority, then scroll down to their results, and calculate the average PA score for all results. (Page Authority checker)

This will give you an idea of how strong your page is and how far you should go in SEO. The more progressive the page authority, the greater the ability of a particular page to rank in search motor results, especially Google.


Page Authority (PA) is a Score of webpage Quality. that estimates how a specific page will rank on the SERP. Page authority is a term that Moz introduced.

The website PA score is arenge from 1 to 100. PA score is a matter of significant concern for SEO experts and they are right about it.

Similar to quality content creation and link structure, most common SEO strategies aim only at increasing page authority. Despite this, this score alone does not insure search visibility; Contextual relevance is also taken into account with the query but it is clearly a strong indicator of general SEO performance.


Among the countless tools, we guarantee you that our Page Authority Check is the most accessible method. You can use this authority tool to check the score with just one click. To check page authority simply enter the page URL you want to analyze. Our PA Checker will give you personalized PA and DA scores.

You will also get the number of linking root domains in addition to the total number of links that point to each page.

Finally, the Simple word section will let you know if there are any issues with the result. Didn't we tell you that our page authority checker is the best? Now it's time to try out our tool for yourself and see how it works.

Don't forget to provide the necessary feedback for our tools to give you the best results.

Just follow the steps:

  • STEP #1: Go on this page (, where are you now,
  • STEP #2: Paste your website URL (up to 20 links),
  • STEP #3: Complete the Recaptcha process,
  • STEP #4: Click on the "Submit" button. and wait for the result.....


There are beaucoup Page Authority Checker tools available on the internet so why should you use our page authority checker?

Not only quick and accessible, but this PA checker is also free which makes it even better. Either way, it's very easy. Check out the page authority yourself and see!


Are you a victim of low page authority and looking at how to increase page authority? Let's take a look at some of the ways in which you can increase the authority of your Page.

  • First, attach a page on a higher authority area.
  • Make sure the content on a given page is highly relevant, detailed, and free of plagiarism.
  • Make sure your webpage is fully SEO-optimized and functional.
  • Internal linking from one page to another should be included.
  • Get as many high-quality inbound links as you can in terms of both link relevancy and external source authority (your given page should point to this).
  • Oh, and don't forget to remove any bad links that may be pointing to your website.

Last but not least check your website's page authority score regularly using any page authority checker website (why use our Page Authority Checker) here are many websites that are available and use a page authority checker by SEOBAR SEO Tools to check the page authority of any website.

bulk domain and page authority checker. (free page authority checker)

There are many measures of authority, both direct and indirect, created by Moses. The two most notable and universally used are PA and DA. If you are a webmaster then you must also know the difference between business authority and page authority.

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