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About Online Ping Website Tool

Online Ping Website Tool - Free Online Ping Your Website to Search Engine

Online Ping Website Tool

Online Ping Website Tool: Let's come update search engines about your blog updates! Use our website ping category, and click "Ping Now". Now sit back and enjoy your drink!

Free Ping Tool: Index your new content quickly and simply.

Enter a direct link to your website or latest blog post. Choose the website category that best describes the character of your website.

About Online Ping Website Tool?

To see if your computer is connected to a network, a ping test is employed. It is usually not checked whether the computer is connected to the web. It also determines whether the PC you are testing is connected to the web and hence the delay between the two computers. A ping test is run on the server to see the latency between the PC running the ping test and hence the server.

People who have computer savvy skills to run ping tests without using any utility or tool to run it. They are going to run the command on this computer and enter the ping command and name any website in it. The result will display the mini-seconds it takes to exchange a packet with the website. It displays four results. Some internet speed tests also show ping results in establishing a connection to the server. An honest internet speed test will attempt to establish a connection with three or four servers. The server's rock bottom connection time is employed to run the web speed test.

How to use Free Online Ping Website Tools?

If you are managing an Internet site, you may want to ping My Website for engines to see if your website is connecting to all or any of the search engines. Otherwise, you'll want to ping backlinks extensively to make sure they're up and connecting.

You want your website to be visible on google, and for that, you want a ping website tool. You cannot ping each server that is serving your category of Internet sites and check whether your website is visible to them. So you want a utility to ping search engines and web servers and has that excellent and reliable tool for you to use, and it's free!

To use it simply go to from your search browser and find the ping website tool. Or copy/paste into the address bar of your search browser.

Now just wait and see that the utility will start pinging all the web servers and search engines associated with the category of your website. Since there are thousands of web servers spread around the world, the utility will take a few minutes to complete.

Why use Ping My Website Online Tools?

Since the advent of cloud computing the importance of ping testing and hence timing among the IT community has increased. Since some big organizations are using cloud computing and they don't need any delay in ping time. They need instant and seamless connection as it once was when they are not using cloud computing. If ping returns 'The request timed out, it means that the connection with the opposite computer could not be established. Another error that will occur is 'Cannot resolve unknown host. This indicates that the hostname is misspelled or does not exist on the web.

Today the use of ping tests has increased in the world of the internet. Website managers may want to run a ping test to see if the servers are in their business class. For example, a blog site might want to find out how fast a blog site connects to a blog service server. Different webservers provide services to different categories of web servers hosting these categories of websites. We all know that the web has experienced unprecedented expansion in the past decade and will continue to expand without any hindrance in the future.

So managing a worldwide network requires an efficient network to share the load. To manage the web, there are thousands of web servers that maintain a database of various website names and IP addresses. Only one or a few servers cannot handle continuous traffic on the web.

A visitor enters the website he wants to visit. The program passes the request to the nearest webserver (here refers to the nearest online server that has the shortest ping time and is not a physical location) which maintains a database of domains and IP addresses. This server, in turn, contacts the server hosting the IP address and from there passes a backup chain of knowledge to the visitor.

Online Ping Website Tools Test.

The ping test is used to see if a number on the computer you try to access is working. It is used for troubleshooting and viewing response times. There is a ping test command to run ping in Microsoft Windows. Simply identify the host you want to attach by entering its IP address or name. Join the prompt and enter ping or ping Both commands will work. You would run a windows command to ping my link.